The quality of the planning and construction of dies and self-contained hydraulic units is an aspect of particular interest and importance for FELTRIN & GUIDOLIN. In order to maintain and improve its success in the context and in the market where it operates, the company adheres to the strategic objective of giving its own structure the capacity to operate, in every process and production phase, with methodologies to ensure and manage quality in such a way as to reduce, eliminate and above all prevent situations of non-compliance or shortcomings in terms of production or service. This is part of the company’s philosophy of continuously pursuing client satisfaction and loyalty, respecting their needs whether in terms of timescales or in terms of the technical and qualitative characteristics of the products provided.

FELTRIN & GUIDOLIN furthermore intends to consolidate its own image on the market as one synonymous with quality and reliability, and recognises the importance of showing its clients and customers the level of quality reached in the planning and construction of:

  • Dies for cold sheet metal machining
  • Self-contained hydraulic units